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If you asked me what is the most important thing I’ve learned about practicing Real Estate in the past 24 years, it is this: Every transaction is different, Every Transaction Teaches a New Lesson and No Matter How Much Experience we Have, the word “EXPERT” should not be part of our vocabulary.

Maryland Real Estate Commission agrees and cautions Realtors about advising homeowners on Short Sales.

Yes, we have expertise in all things Real Estate. We have experience in all different types of transactions, including Short Sales. We have valuable knowledge and knowhow to help guide you through the Short Sale process, the purchase of your first home, the sale of your last. But are we really “experts?”

When my knees cooperated, I could ski a Black Diamond without terror and without falling. Black Diamonds are considered “expert” slopes. Was I an expert at skiing? Quite simply, no.

One of the most prestigious designations a Realtor can earn is the Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE.) Bonnie and I have earned this designation, and we’ve assisted with many short sales – from the listing side and the buying side of the transaction. You are in excellent, experienced hands when you engage us to assist you. But we want our clients and public to know – that no matter how many of these transactions we handle, no matter how much education we have or seminars we’ve been to, the fact remains that Short Sales are Fickle Things, Lenders & Servicers like to make and change the rules As They Go, making both Experience and a Sense Of Humor Required!