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What’s the Big Deal About Flood Insurance?

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Below is Some Great Information in Regards to Flood Insurance

We do, after all, live in Mount Airy!  Seems like every few years the insurance industry has a major issue the realty industry has to deal with. As Realtors, we really must keep our eyes & ears open! Over the past year, all we’ve heard about is “flood” insurance – new flood zones, new (astronomical) rates – can we fight it, is it really true, and most importantly: Does it affect ME?

If you are not already aware, many factors are considered when a homeowner/purchaser requests a Home Owner’s Insurance Policy (also known as Hazard Insurance.) The insurance company not only researches the property for prior claims, age, safety red flags and location, it checks out the homeowner/purchaser, too. Obtaining a policy can be difficult or costly if the property and/or person have had issues in the past. 

Want peace of mind? Have hazard insurance questions? RE/MAX Realty Plus’ affiliate, Michael Herson of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, is available to assist you, answer your questions, run a CLUE report, provide a cost analysis or estimate for your real estate insurance needs. All of this at no cost or obligation to you. Feel free to give him a call or send him an email:

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