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Biggest Buyer Turn-offs

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It’s prime selling season right now and there is an incredible amount of competition in most price ranges. You want your house to shine when compared. What you don’t want, is to turn off the buyers.  The biggest turn-offs?

1) Over-pricing: We are all tempted to push the price as high as possible. But take it into dreamland, you will turn a buyer off. And no, to answer your question, they won’t make an offer on a house they feel is unrealistically priced.

2) Smells: We are used to the way our house smells, but if it smells “just a little” like animals, cooked food, burnt wood from a fireplace/woodstove, damp from being closed up, tennis shoes, or something even sort of offensive to the sensitive nose of others, the buyer will be off to the next house.

3) Clutter: Anyone even halfway paying attention has heard the word “de-clutter” more than once if they have contemplated selling their home. Why? Because it’s important. Very important. First of all, your house will appear bigger without it. Second, the buyer will actually look at your house instead of being overwhelmed by your clutter.

4) Deferred Maintenance: Of course there might be things a seller hasn’t been able to maintain, due to physical or financial limitations. Perhaps the roof needs to be replaced – and it is obvious – don’t try to hide this or think a buyer will overlook it – address it. Offer a credit if you can’t afford to take care of it prior to listing.

 5) Dark, dated Decor: Granted, every seller faces physical or financial  limitations. We can’t all whip out the paint brush and neutralize our walls and not everyone can afford a professional to come in. But do weigh your options. It might cost a few dollars to paint – but you’ll make that back when you sell. It is worth the investment. Listen to your agent – we have a wealth of inexpensive and free ideas based on our experience.

 Bottom line – don’t take offense as we go through your house and tell you what we see, smell & feel along with our ideas on how to overcome the turn-offs. Our job is to sell your home for as high a price as possible in the shortest amount of time! We work for you!