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Working with Family and Friends

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I just read an article published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) which, surprising to me, put a negative spin on Realtors representing their friends and family members when buying & selling real estate. Friends and family account for a huge percentage of Team Bonnie & Maureen’s business! They are, in fact, our most important source of business. We value each and every one of our friends and family and all of the clients friends and family have referred to us over the years. Clients who, I might add, become like family, and many who become life-long friends.

 The article went on to state the obvious –  that real estate is a business where we absolutely must treat everyone the same, no matter the relationship – a client is a client, after all. And once a client, our fiduciary obligation is to our client. The bottom line, to us – we are professionals. Friends, family, referrals from friends and family, they are looking for a real estate professional to assist them with the sale or purchase of a home. We expect them to come to us for advice and assistance just as they expect us to be there for them, to answer their questions, give them advice, and ultimately find them a home or sell the one they have.

 If you’re reading this, and contemplating using a friend or family member to assist, but having qualms about it because of your relationship – don’t just ignore your friend or family member – get it out on the table and talk about it, get comfortable with each other and make sure expectations of all parties are addressed. We are professionals – we’re not going to twist arms or resort to blackmail – we are going to listen to and address your concerns. I think you’ll be satisfied with our answers, so satisfied you will forget we’re related or best friends and know we’re the best person for the job

Article Provided by Maureen Nichols, Team Leader and Associate Broker