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Have a Question? Read the Contract!

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Our Team Leader, Bonnie Winkler, is our “Go-To” Question-Answerer & Problem-Solver whenever something comes up in our day-to-day dealings with buyers and sellers. Every time we explain our situation & ask a question, the response is “Well: What does the contract say?” As Realtors, we have a tendency to over-analyze & over-control the deals we’re involved in. We’ve learned it just doesn’t need to be that complicated if, when there is an issue or a question, we refer back to the contract to read how we handle it. 

An average Fully Executed Contract has about 50 pages of pre-printed, fill-in-the-blank forms. It’s impossible to read and expect a buyer or seller to comprehend every sentence and its implications when preparing or reviewing an offer. After all, half of it is not even applicable to any given transaction, so we skim the contents and offer a brief outline of the offer, obligations & pertinent disclosures. If an issue arises, the answers to 99.9% of our questions are within the contract – and actually easy to find!

Bottom line – when an issue or question arises during the course of a transaction, don’t just ask your Realtor to tell you the answer. Ask your Realtor to show you where the answer is within the contract!

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