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If It Sounds Too Good To Be TRUE….It Probably is!!

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Whenever we hear of some fantastic loan program,  interest rate,  price on a home,  rent-to-own option, or  I-Will-Buy-Your-House proposal, the terms of which we all know are too good to be true, we still tune in and listen, don’t we?  And boy do we want to believe it is all True!   But what about the “fine print” of these deals.   We all know to ask about them, right?    But are we so excited about the deal that we have stumbled upon, do we remember to ask, or even listen when they gloss right over the “fine print” terms?   Or, suppose we do listen intently to it – do we actually understand the fine print?

We are all so interested in getting a great deal, as it is in our nature to get a better deal than our neighbor, to seek out and find something that no one else has come across.  But most of us have learned through experience and education, that if it sounds too good to be true, it most definitely is!

The moral of the story is:   work with people you trust and listen to your intuition.   Pick your Doctor, Dentist, Banker, Realtor and  Mortgage Consultant from the pool of people you already know and trust.  And if you don’t know a professional in these fields, find someone who does and ask them for a recommendation.

This is the best advice I was ever given, best advice I’ve taken. It has served us well!


Article Provided by Maureen Nichols


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