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Simple Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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What is Curb Appeal?

Is the attractiveness of your home from the “Curb” and what will ultimately entice potential buyers to view the inside of your home.

Simple Tips to Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal 

Lawn and Gardens – Be sure your lawn is cut and trimmed regularly.  Rake leaves and pick up branches or twigs that have fallen from the trees.  Clear out weeds from the garden, add some bright colored flowers or shrubs.  Lay mulch to give a finished landscaped look. 

Front  Door and Porch – Your front entrance should be warm and inviting.  The front door should be clean and if it needs a fresh coat of paint, try using a strong accent color that blends nicely with the exterior colors of your home.  Consider adding an attractive wreath to the door and a pot of flowers on the porch.  If the exterior lights are outdated or in need of repair, replace them with the current trend of lighting fixtures.

Driveway – Make sure your driveway is in good condition.  If it is paved, consider adding a top coat of sealer.

Rear Yard and Patio/Deck – Your rear yard and Patio or Deck should be neat and tidy.  Power wash the patio or deck and be sure that the deck is in good condition.  If you have a wood deck, repair or replace any broken boards and consider painting or staining it.  Adding pots of flowers around the deck or patio will give it more appeal.  You’ll want to create an outdoor entertaining space that the buyers will fall in love with.


Tips Provided by:  Kelly Malagari, ASP – Accredited Staging Real Estate Professional


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