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The Best Time to List Your Home Is….

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Spring? Is it? When it comes to selling your home, every season offers pros and cons.
If you list your home in January, you beat out the Spring Competition and take advantage of all the Buyers who have “resolved” to buy a home for New Year’s.  Don’t worry about looking dreary – all homes look dreary in January!
Go ahead, list in March or April, once the trees bud and the flowers are blooming – but only if you outshine your competition and price your home competitively. If you’re running behind getting ready, once the market heats up and homes start contracting, you can jump in to help “make” the market even better (for you!) in late April & May.
Traditionally, June, July & August are somewhat “slow” months – but if the interest rates are attractive & your home is priced to sell, it won’t take you too long to sell and you’ll have the added benefit of any Appreciation the Spring market set in motion.
September, October & November – a beautiful time of year to market your home. It’s not too hot or too cold, the trees are in color, and the competition is definitely dwindling by now…. added to this is the approach of the holidays, and homes that haven’t sold are considering coming off the market to wait until the early spring to re-list. What does that mean to you? Little to no competition. Is it a hassle to show your house around the holidays? Well, yes. But lots of buyers have more free time from their jobs over the holidays to house-shop, So take advantage of the Thanksgiving to New Year’s timing to sell your home – if you’re ready, don’t wait!
Lots of other factors go into the “timing” of listing your home for sale. If you have a really nice pool, for instance, or gardens – you want to promote them at the right time if at all possible. But for the most part, we are fortunate to have a steady year-round market in Maryland!

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