Recently, I was asked by a prior client if I thought they’d make a good agent. I said yes and then listed all the qualities this person possessed which would serve one well in the course of helping buyers & sellers with their real estate needs.

It goes without saying that anyone entering this business, which is governed by The Maryland Real Estate Commission in the consumer protective State of Maryland, must be a person with integrity, a strong sense of ethics and enough intelligence to pass the licensing exam and navigate the multiple listing service, its subsidiaries and a map. So honest, trustworthy, dependable…. of course!!

But “personable” was the next adjective on my list. Realtors embrace technology, but we take a stand when it comes to person-to-person contact. We are always going to open the door of the house you want to see. We are  going to be there to hold your hand through the inspection and loan processes. We’re going to sit beside you at settlement. We will end the transaction with a solid handshake, a smile, a thank you for your business, and a sincere hope we will be your Realtor always.

“A Devoted Attention to Detail,” is also an important trait in this industry. We don’t just “sell a house.” In fact, few of us are really “sales” persons. We are logistics experts – from the first day we meet to go look at 15 houses, to coordinating the offer into acceptance, making sure the inspections are done within time limits, then merging the lenders with the settlement entities, we are choreographers of The Real Estate Transaction, in charge and charged with seeing it through to its contractual ending.

It really isn’t a job you can work at “part” time – not when you have another full-time, time-consuming job. Where technological advances have certainly changed the way agents & clients connect & interact, making it much easier to do so, they’ve also created a promise to the consumer of instant information, instant response, instant gratification.  I don’t think anyone will argue that our society has come to expect this. Gone are the days of returning a call within a few days – one must answer immediately.

 If you’re thinking about a career in real estate – talk about it, ask questions. It’s a huge commitment of both your time and money. Just as you would plan out any career path, this road, though well traveled, must be mapped out, too.