Winter May Just be the Right Time to Buy a Home

Winter May Just be the Right Time to Buy a Home

Statistics show that Spring/Summer has traditionally been the high season for buying or selling real estate. But there is really great advantages for the buyer to purchase a new home during the winter months.

Less Competition – Since there will be less buyer traffic through a home, this should enable any potential buyers the opportunity to view the home in a more relaxed manner, knowing there are not other buyers interested in the same house, and there should be a be a reduced chance you’ll be involved in a bidding war for the property, which eliminates the opportunity to negotiate.

Cheaper Moving Prices – Prices for Moving Companies are typically higher in the summer due to supply and demand, which means if you buy in the winter months, you may be able to enjoy more flexible moving schedules and lower prices.

Title Companies/Lenders Less Busy – During the height of the summer months, lenders and title companies are swamped with buyers and sellers, and are scheduled weeks out for settlement dates. During the slower, winter months, you’ll be able to work out a quicker settlement date with plenty of settlement date options that should be able to meet your personal schedule.

Winter Home Interior Sales – You may just be able to make a deal on that new couch or washer/dryer for your new home in the winter months, as home furnishing companies/appliances stores have outstanding deals in the winter to attract buyers in from the cold.

You’ll Be All Moved in Before Spring/Summer – And who doesn’t love to sit back and enjoy the spring/summer months on the deck, in the yard or by the fire pit? So get moving this winter and get ready to sit back and enjoy the warm summer days and evenings in your new home.

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